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venerdì 2 marzo 2012

Changes means life....

Traveller, writer and photographer, I think of myself as a citizen of the world: I let my emotions speak in my poetry, writings and also with my images.

My ultimate way of showing images has changed a bit, adding iPhoneography as a new style to my own work.

Iphoneography is quite a development for me, I started working strictly in SLR but decided to change my way of taking photos and the iPhone as a camera gives me lots of opportunity to be extremely creative, its simplicity brings out the genius in me.

I want to be in step with the times, I really do love technology, I just adore capturing a moment in time with an image, e.g. seizing on a smile, a special view, the dawn or the dusk, a bird in flight. The iPhone allows me to capture these moments 'cause its always in my pocket'.

Despite my initial reluctance I now find Iphoneography so fascinating and inspiring. It has a great wide angle, almost perfect lens and it is also so easy to handle. I took every shot with my iphone when I recently visited the USA and every caputure looks absolutely amazing. I especially love capturing candid shots of children, also taking photos of still life, any kind of object.

Also I like to tell a story with the images taken on my iPhone. My iPhone is my best friend I really enjoy using it.

I've recently worked at a new concept "ALTERATED STATES OF COUNSCIOUSNESS" and the main image you can see in this blog, shows my new statement.

Hope you enjoy it!

Be creative, be yourself and…have fun!


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